Love, Passion, Rigour, Selection, Quality, Harmony, Stability and Work are the secrecies of well-being and the dynamism of our Parson

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Black Shadow
and his skateboard.

Panther Creek
Black Shadow
Panther Creek
Black Crystal
Electric Violin
Of Jack and Co.
Celtic Tiger and Believe in Me
in Crufts 2010
Our Parson, in our garden, in the snow. January 2010.
Galway and Ruby, during the play,
in our garden
Extra Love
de Pepper Harrow
Ruby, Billy and Frenchie
in walk near of lake
Our Parson, the 1er Mai,
in our garden
Our Parson and our Jack, one afternoon, in April, in our garden
Frenchie, Ruby and Classic in a training with boards
Puppies of Ruby and Crazy Cathy
at 3 months old, the 03/13/2009
Celtic Tiger and Classic Love
in Crufts 2009
Frenchie in hunting boar
Training of our puppies
in agility
Frenchie and Celtic Tiger
in training of blood tracking
Ruby and Billy in hunting
fox training
Of Jack and Co.
Of Jack and Co.
Of Jack and Co.
Of Jack and Co.
Billy and Ruby
during the play
One afternoon in Augut
2008 in our garden
Believe in Me "Billy"
Of Lovealoch
Fox Valley
Fox Valley
Celtic Tiger
Classic Love
de Pepper Harrow
Tiger, Ruby, Billy, Frenchie and Classic in Lisboa Dog Show
2008 in Portugal
Billy and Tiger
in Sintra Dog Show 2008
in Portugal
Strong Connection
French Connection
The Roadrunners
Crazy Cathy
The life
in our home
Salomé des Irreductibles Cathares "Saly"
Of Jack and Co.

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