Love, Passion, Rigour, Selection, Quality, Harmony, Stability and Work are the secrecies of well-being and the dynamism of our Parson.

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All our dogs are rigorously selected on their morphological, their
temperament their health and their aptitudes for work.

Our pups are born from marriages planned. They are breeding in our family with much of care, love and attention. We even, our 2
children and our 13 dogs ensure their education so that their
sociabilisation in their environement family and on the external world
is optimal.

Of course, they are worming regularly, vaccinated and are treated
by a veterinary before entering their new family. According to the mom, and the puppies, the age of the adoption can to vary, but to in no
case, our pups we will not leave before the 8 weeks age. Until this age, they will remain with their brothers, their sisters and
their mother. A permanent contact with our other dogs and our family gives them a good socialization.

Crate, leash, car, town, other dog, loneliness and cleanness training.

In each pup, we leave a little our personality and of each pup will
remain a memory in our heart...

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