Vauvert - September 23th 2006 -
Fox certification approved with 19 points

Artificial Burrow - Vauvert - September 09th 2007 -
Judges : M. Lebrun / M. Vottier
Very Good with 110 points

Artificial Burrow - Sablé sur Sarthes - May 11th, 2008 -
Judges : Mr Vottier / Ms Bernard

Good with 90 points

Excel work of voice in fornt of the grille, hesitance in the shrinkage, fascinated pursuit, excellent work of preservation in the firm with an excellent cadence of voice without to push the fox.

Artificial Burrow - Begadan - June 22th, 2008
Judges : Mr Patras / Mr Simon / Mr Putcrabey

Excellent with 150 points + CACT

Excellent work of voice, bitch intelligeante in her fast and fascinated pursuit, excellent work to put and to keep the firm.