32cm, Blanche et Fauve, Poil Dur
Tan & White / Rough Coat

Multi.Ch.Suzan's Pride French Kiss
Poil Dur / Tricolore

Brussell Winner 2008
Luxembourg Champion 2009
Belgium Champion 2009
Swiss Champion 2009
International Champion 2009
Multi.Ch. Suzan's Pride Undo
35cm, poil dur, Blanc

Belgian Winner 98
Best PRT "Vos chiens magazine" 1998
Best Terrier Pedigree Pal Challenge 1999
Belgian Winner 1999
Luxembourg Champion
Monaco Champion
Netherlands Champion
European Champion 1999
Vice World Champion 1999 - 2000 - 2001
Champion de France 2000
Ch. Howlbelck Percy Special

Eurodog Winner 1996
Belgium Winner 1996
Luxembourg Champion
Mindlen Hairy Minnow
Ridley Robber of Belmorr
Raeburn Suzie
Howlbeck Pebbles Ground Hill Kim

Ground Hill Pip

Suzan's Pride G'Cleo Early Abermangoed Tim
Julie de Brunehaut
Doly Rocky
Suzan's Pride Volia
Suzan's Pride Teatime
36cm, tan&White, Broken coat

Belgium winner 1997
Ch.Howlbeck Piper

Ground Hill Kim
Ground Hill Pip
Howlbeck Timber Topper Howlbeck Marine Diver
Howlbeck Tinker Tailer
Mimy Trumpy Dandy Tim
Julie de Brunehaut
Sandy de Rivaupont
Zealous Cameo
33cm / Tan&white / Poil dur

Ch. Snow Winds Constant Comment

USA Champion
Ch.Snow Wind Zipper

USA Champion
Hoelio washington
Tan & White
Kentee Dougal
Ividene Ono
Glenholm Calzeat
Hoelio Calum Of Glenholm
Glenholm Chrissie
Ch.Snow Wind Cosy Morningstar

USA Champion
Ch Heythrop Trailblazer

Champion USA
Heythrop Tweed
Heythrop Trouble
Belmorr Carina Of Snow Wing

Cassacre Boatswain
Glenholm Kunzel
Zealous Nala

Autumn Wood Duke of Noble
Sherman Jones Of Autumn Wood

Bowery's Peppermint Patti Of Autumn Wood
Beano Of Ravenswood
Wind Song Tracy of the Bowery
Bowery Lady Of Zealous
Meynell Crippin Meynell Crash
Meynell Roxy
Wind Song Tracy Of The Bowery

Meynell Turban Of Ravenswood
Ravenswood Punch Of Wind Song